Introduction to Bushcraft

What happens when you take a group of modern humans and put them back into the wild? Want to find out? Let’s test your Survival Skills!

Have you ever wondered how you would respond if you were taken from modern civilization and put somewhere with only natural resources available to you? Do you have the skills to adapt, to not only survive, but thrive? 

The truth is, we could probably all do with being pushed out of our comfort zones now and again to see a glimpse of our true, wild nature away from the conformity of modern living. Would it not be interesting to see how we can adapt to different challenges on a completely different playing field? 

Whether it is for a corporate team away day or a day spent outdoors with friends or family, our Fundamental Survival Skills day is a perfect way to assess your abilities and adaptability. On top of that, its fantastic fun in a stunning setting, offering a great way to bond with peers, colleagues and friends, maybe with a little bit of good-humoured competitiveness thrown in for good measure.

Just imagine there was an actual Zombie Apocalypse (if you believe the telly, it could happen, right?) and society fell. No phones (hurrah!), no civilization (have you been to our house at mealtimes?), no clean water, no food, no security. How will you keep you and your loved ones safe, warm, fed and hydrated? 

Come along to our skills day and we will show you; we will help you to learn these fundamentals for you to take away and use in any number of situations or scenarios in the future. 

On our Fundamental Survival Skills day you will learn skills that will include:

  • Use of basic bushcraft tools including a knife and a saw
  • How to start a fire using various methods including using a bow-drill
  • How to build a shelter using natural media as well as a tarpaulin
  • How to harvest water and make it safe to drink
  • The art of twining and making your own bushcraft cordage
  • How to cook over a campfire

In addition to this, we will share with you some insight into our own knowledge of homesteading, including Victory Gardening and food preservation & storage.

This is all delivered in Ashford, Kent in the grounds of the glorious Godinton House and prices are available upon request.

What are you waiting for? There’s never been a more relevant time to up your skill-set. Having this certain knowledge in such uncertain times gives peace of mind and a strong sense of self.

See you there…

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